Three Vocational Training Centre’s teamed up together to donate furniture’s to a school in Kavango West. Sizongoro Combined School was burned in December 2019 due to Electrical faulty. Fortunately, no one was injured and no death was reported during this incident hence it happened during holiday.

The event which took place on the 06th of March 2020 at the school premises saw other companies adding to the donations. Tanko Investments was one company who donated some chairs and table. Rundu VTC and Eenhana VTC donated 70 tables and chairs at no cost. NTA representative Mr. Richard Kambinda (Centre Manager for Zambezi VTC) in his speech during the handing over assured the school Management that TVET sector will continue helping a hand where they can. Kambinda gave the speech on behalf of the mother board Namibia Training Authority. “We were touched after seeing these young children seated on the floor while teaching is in process. As a nation, we should never allow a sight of a Namibian child seating in the floor or under a tree 30 years after independence. As NTA, we therefore stand to be part of the solution not part of problem, said Kambinda.

At the receiving end, joy and happiness was felt from the school management to the learners. The school Principal received the donations and called upon other stakeholders to come on board and help. The burnt building still need to be rebuilt, build the toilets, water system and few more need to be done. With the current economic situation in the country, the school management is requesting sponsors to come on board hence they don’t have enough funds for all this.

TVET is a choice not an option

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