The SME coordinator at RVTC have been flooded with work since the country was opened. Though some of the work came as far as from March 2020, they couldn’t be completed due to the closing of the country and no ways to purchase materials. The division is now busy with three big projects which will see the Centre getting to above 1.2 million Namibian Dollars. For the past one week, the SME coordinator have been working more than 100 kilos away from Rundu at a site of a school for renovations.

“We have UNAM Rundu Campus tables which must be completed, a renovation at Sivaku Primary School and more than 800 chairs from schools in Kavango West Region through the Regional Council Office” said Mr. Mike Naiteta who is the SME Coordinator. At the moment the business arm of RVTC is using graduates and trainees on job attachment in all their projects. The SME coordinator is a qualified artisan in construction field. There is no breathing space for the SME team hence calls are coming in on a daily basis.

The idea of having SME at all VTCs is preparing the training provider for autonomy. This is also helping the Centre to absorb some of their graduates for temporary employment and easing the job attachment weight from the Placement Officers. Rundu VTC is the oldest technical training Centre catering for both two Kango Regions. Graduates from RVTC are all over the public and private sector.

The SME division is a fast growing division in the Centre and its one division where the Centre is relying on for third stream income. Running a VTC is very expensive as tools and equipment’s are expensive and must be in line with the changing technology. “We are busy building the production unit where all our work will be done” added Naiteta.

RVTC is planning to go big in business and ensure that the employee majority of their graduates.

We are the sought after VTC; vowed Naiteta.

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