Rundu Vocational Training Centre have ambassadors in form of Job Attachment. The Liaison Officer visited trainees on job attachment from the 10th – 13th of March 2020 in Rundu town. Majority of trainees in Office Administration trade are mostly attached in Secondary and Primary Schools in the river town of Rundu.

School Principals are so happy with the trainees on attachment hence they help with work load. Most of the schools have requested the Centre through the Liaison Officer if the attachment period can be extended till end of the year. These trainees are expected to complete their attachment end of June 2020. Job Attachment is an industrial training program where trainees are sent to private and public sector for a period set for them to learn and understand what is happening in the real working world. This is a period where companies and government scoop for potential work force.

Rundu VTC trainees are known by their good behavior while attached. The Centre is well known for its strict discipline in case a trainee misbehaved during attachment period. Punishment from suspension to expulsion have been rolling ever since when offenders are found guilty by the DC. The time to time visits helped the Centre to build a strong relationship with stakeholders. The education sector, have employed a lot of graduates in Office Administration trade, the act which RVTC appreciate. RVTC has 11 trades and it’s demand driven on the type of trades they offer.

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