It has become a tradition that the Centre has to welcome the new comers with a bash every year. The purpose of the bash is to help new trainees know each other better, help with teamwork and to make them feel the togetherness spirit of RVTC. The event was opened by the staff members with the Centre Manager being the lead singer.

The Chief of the organizing committee Jessica Sindano made sure that all arrangements were in place. She suggested the dress for 2020 welcome bash to be old school which the staff members responded positively. This made it funnier as the 1968 attires were being released out of the boxes. From Management to sanitation engineers, all were in old school attires.

“We have to show the trainees history. It’s important that they must understand how we used to wear in the old days. This is attire evolution”. Said Jessica. She also said its health to laugh and have funny in our lives especially in a training environment. Various trades competed in dramas, singing and dancing. The competition which was judged by the management members saw Plumbing taking the first price while Joinery scooped the second. Songs like for Brenda Fassie, Matlatin and Mohotela Queens, Soul Brothers, Stimela, Koffie Olomide and many more pansula and disco songs were performed during the event.

The winners will have a boat cruise on the expense of the Centre while the second place will have a tour to the Mbunza Museum still at RVTC cost. Said the Chief Organiser Jessica.

Welcome to RVTC


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