After closing the doors due to COVID 19 pandemic back in March 2020, RVTC opened for training on the 08th of June 2020. A total number of +- 600 trainees came back from a long break and seemed ready for training. The order of the day is mask and sanitize with temperature screening. The morning of Monday (08/06/2020) saw long que in the morning as trainees queued up for temperature screening as well as hand sanitizing.

Timothy Thikundeko known as TK the Safety Officer for RVTC was seen up and down to ensure that the process does not hinder training. TK ensured that enough testing apparatus were at the entry point and also separated staff members and trainees testing venues. Various VET Trainers welcome their trainees and addressed them on behalf of the Centre Manager. “We are so delighted that none of our trainees became a case number during this pandemic” read the CM speech. The speech touched on the seriousness of the disease and how we must not relax. The CM voiced his worries to the increasing number of positive cases in the country and begged trainees to adhere to the precautions.

The Chief in Command for RVTC also touched on training encouraging both trainees and staff members to pull up their socks and help each other to cover up for the time lost. “Our core business is training and we are back for training. Please engage in an overdrive gear to ensure that we cover for the time lost”. Said the CM in a speech read on his behalf by various VET Trainers.

Its masks all over and social distance is being observed.

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