Rundu VTC through its business arm SME Projects has completed table project for the University of Namibia Rundu Campus. UNAM gave RVTC a tender to repair their tables to be used for learning by the University students in Rundu. The project which came the beginning of the year paused in March 2020 due to the country lock down because of the global pandemic. 14 July 2020 saw RVTC truck full of 124 tables racing to the University for delivery.
Just after the Centre reopened for face to face training on 08 June 2020, the project coordinator engaged in an overdrive gear to ensure that outstanding projects gets done. RVTC have a number of projects lined up with various schools in both Kavango East and West. The project coordinator has been so busy that he is not to be seen in the Centre but spend most of his time at the sites. This is a third stream income for RVTC which adds to the budget they receive from the mother body NTA.
The Centre’s Manager Kornelius Lukas said more projects with the country’s highest institution will come despite the department being busy. The production unit which resort straight from the office of the CM has vowed to utilized the stage 4 of the country to complete all projects. To compliment this, the CM appointed a Social Responsibility Committee to plough back to the community as specifically in education sector. This committee are yet to start with the work as feasibility studies are ongoing on the projects identified.
The UNAM project costed approximately N$41000.00 which will be floating in RVTC account. The project is not the last one between the two leading institutions in the region but more are still to come. RVTC landed their hands to the University of Namibia Rundu Campus repairing their tables on a fee.

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