Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) and Namibia Correctional Services (NCS)’s Elia Nepembe converted joinery off cuts into useful items. RVTC gave NCS some off cuts from the joinery trade sometime back on request of the correctional sector. These off cuts were used by the offenders/inmates who are serving in Elia Nepembe correctional services into useful items.

Elia Nepembe Management team donated one of the finished products to RVTC in form of a clock. The clock which was done by the inmates, was given to RVTC Management on the 24th of October 2019. The surprise visit by NCS was welcomed by the acting Centre Manager. In her welcoming speech Mrs. Priscah Kabuku informed the visitors that RVTC doors are open for them with the idea of expanding TVET. Handing over the gift the Commissioner from Elia Nepembe Correctional Services Commissioner Ester Joseph pleaded with the Centre to work hand in hand in order to improve skills and share knowledge with the institution. “Every item you feel it’s not needed by your institution kindly give it to us to make it useful. Our guys can turn even plastic bags we are throwing into something useful”, added Commissioner Joseph.

Receiving the clock on behalf of the Centre, the acting CM was so delighted by the gift. “We should work together in order to share and improve skills for our youth. This will also help to keep our country clean from most items which are being thrown every time. This is a good idea and I promise we will be giving more of the off cuts to you in order to convert them into useful items” said Kabuku. The event sees the two institutions partnering in an education relationship which will be made official in due time. With RVTC being in a training provider status, this will help the trainees to tap more knowledge from NCS in the training scheme.

We will make more of this.


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