On the 26th of October 2018 RVTC hosted a special event in order to acknowledge those trainees who performed well in their academic. Before the awards, speaker after speaker spoke to wish those who will be seating for assessment as from the 29th of October 2018. The TRC President Moses Victolinu reminded his fellow trainees that they have to put RVTC on the map and making their parents happy. Mr. Robert Mukelabai a VET Trainer motivated the trainees to do their best in the upcoming assessment. Mr. Bruce Gwala who is the Head of Trainee Support also took the stage to wish the trainees all the best for the coming assessment. This could not go without the Head of Training Mr. Ferdinand Malwa who also encouraged the trainees and wished them the best for assessment. The Centre Manager Mr. Kornelius Lukas closed the speeches as Chief in Command of RVTC reminding the trainees that the decision which they will take will determine their tomorrow. Lukas told the fully packed Erick Tjandja Hall that their attitudes determines their altitude.
Awards time came and only for level 3 trainees. Culture was added as part of the awards for their contribution in performances in different areas representing RVTC. TRCs were also given awards for their hard work during the year. The main part was giving awards to the most disciplined trainees in different trades. This was followed by top performers in every trade. This saw many of theses trainees receiving T. Shirts, key rings, lanyards, note books, clocks, mugs and many more. All these items are RVTC branded. Thanks to the Management for approving this event which motivated the level 1 and 2 trainees to scoope the awards come 2019. Culture entertained both staff and trainees. As a norm for RVTC, Mr. Beey Kumpoma gave a massive prayer which was so touching to many. For 2019, the event will be more bigger as awards will start from level one to three as well as staff members.

We are the most admired VTC.

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