The staff of RVTC organised a motivational event to the trainees on the 14th of August 2018. This is important to help the trainees realise their purpose of being at the sought after VTC. Professor Likando who is the Assistant Pro Vice Chancellor of UNAM Rundu Campus who also served as a board member of NTA (Namibia Training Authority) till 2016 was the guest speaker at the event.
The professor addressed the full packed Erick Tjandja hall with trainees and staff members. He bolded the purpose of trainees to be at RVTC and consider themselves lucky to be among the few to be given a chance to study at this Centre. With relation to the car, the professor informed the trainees that they must be different after completion of their studies. “Imagine you are a car, you came to the garage for service, and you have to be different from other cars which didn’t come for service after you have been serviced. You can’t remain the same at the same after you have gone through service. The service you are given by your VET Trainers must be taken serious”, added the Professor.
Trainees were encouraged to create great names for themselves as well as remembering where they come from. Included on his remarks, Professor Likando discouraged irresponsible actions by the trainees ranging from drugs and alcohol abuse, mixing relationships and training and few others. The full packed Erick Tjandja hall was silent but mixed with laughers at times hence he made everyone feel at home while enjoying the motivational speeches. “Imagine you are a car” is the new slogan currently at RVTC whereby trainees see themselves already changed compared to other cars.
The Professor was given a ceremonial round of applause as he left the hall under the escort of staff members. His words were the talk of every RVTC community member immediately after the event. Thank you Professor Likando for such an outstanding motivation remarks.

We salute you.


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