Namibia Training Authority visited RVTC on the 10th of June 2020 to check on how the Centre has prepared for the return of the trainees. RVTC reopened on the 08th of June 2020 after Namibia closed all operations due to COVID19 on instructions of the government.

NTA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Richwell Lukonga was joined by the honorable councilor who represented the governor in the Centre tour. The visitors were led by RVTC management with NBC team during the tour. The COO together with the Councilor were happy to see that all were in place. “Colleagues we have to take this serious, am happy that we adhering to precautions and sanitizers are visible at the entrance of every building. This is good and don’t relax” said Lukonga. The councilor also added his words that they will do anything it takes to support RVTC in the fight against Corona. “Our doors are open and as regional leaders, we stand side by side with RVTC to fight the deadly enemy called Corona” added Hon. Likuwa.

TRC President was among the team which spoke to the new agency as he explained how much him and the rest of the trainees are happy to be back for training. The trainee leader urged his fellow trainees to practice social distance and ensure that the wearing of face masks is mandatory. He applauded the Centre for the care on supplying face masks to all the trainees and the staff members. Mr. Raphael Haingura who spoke on behalf of the VET Trainers acknowledged it wasn’t easy to ensure that the training venues adhere but the support from the rest of the RVTC community made it possible. “This must be the norm, not just because of Corona, but for our health as well” added Haingura.

The Management continued the visit to the new agriculture campus.

RVTC is ready for training.

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