The Chief in Command for Namibia Training Authority (NTA) Mr. Jerry Beukes under took his last official trip to the RVTC wearing NTA hat. After almost 6 years in service with NTA, Jerry resigned from his position as NTA CEO and his last day is end of September 2020. For this, the famous face in VTCs decided to officially say good bye to the training providers under his wings.
He was received by the Trainee leaders at RVTC as Vice President introduced him to the entire team. As culture of RVTC, the choir with angel voices reaching heaven were heard singing welcoming songs and made the CEO consider RVTC as a place to be. The Centre Manager Mr. Kornelius Lukas welcomed the CEO who had a brief meeting with the Management. The entire RVTC Community which included the Staff members, trainee leaders and choir waited in Erick Tjandja Hall. Sounds of receiving the boss in Rundu after a long time due to COVID pandemic were heard all over. What they didn’t know is that the NTA boss came to say goodbye. A speech given by Mrs. Jessica Sindano on behalf of the staff was so powerful and encouraging. “You became a resource person to everyone in TVET” added Jessica. Jessica stated about the good reputation of the CEO and considering coming to RVTC and make an official good bye as part of personalities of a good leader. Entertainments from Trainees and staff members spiced the entire events. These entertainments saw the CEO showing some Kwasakwasa moves to entertain the crown.
Taking over the mic was an emotional Jerry who addressed the staff and trainees with encouraging words. He continued to inform the team to work together for the better achievement of a common goal. “Yes, teamwork is an important aspect that I have greatly appreciated throughout my tenure. Working with a team of dedicated, talented and capable professionals, always committed to serve with energy and zeal. Indeed, teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Indeed, unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” said Jerry. The man of various quotes gave references from the UK Prime Minister to St Paul during his speech.
He continued encouraging the trainees to study hard and realize their purpose of being at RVTC. He promised to pass by RVTC whenever time allows him. In his finals words, Jerry said; “I have run with perseverance and have finished the race”. Whether I have finished my NTA race successfully, or not, is not for me to say. I will leave that for you to judge. However, what I will not leave to your judgment is the fact of knowing that I have been privileged to have been your leader, and that I am honored to have been part of your team. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
RVTC surprised the CEO with a gift.

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