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Electrical Department
Starts: 25 January, 2016
Duration : 3 years
Instructors: Phillepus Hauvinga, Siteketa Elias
Phone : 066 - 269000
Fax: 066 - 255364
Email : phauvinga@rundu.vtc.org.na

There are certain skills you need to begin a career as an Electrician. The RVTC Electrical trade program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently. You will get hands on training in:

The classifications and categories of electricity
Conduit fittings and supports
Residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installation
Heating and lighting practices

Electricity is a fascinating and powerful force, and requires skilled professionals to work with it effectively. Electrician training can grant you the knowledge and ability needed to work with electricity safely and with confidence. The RVTC provides instruction on electrical system maintenance, and can teach you what is involved in setting up an electrical system.

Upon graduating from electrician training, you could find various types of work within the skilled trades industry. For example, every new house, office, street, and building requires the services of a trained electrician. And aside from new construction, there will always be old electric systems in need of updating.

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