Despite the Corona pandemic hitting the globe, RVTC have engaged into Cooperate Social Responsibilities (CSR). RVTC Centre Manager Mr. Kornelius Lukas appointed a team of four staff members to do feasibility studies on areas of social responsibilities. The team members were called in the CM Office to be briefed on their additional roles. Lukas sighted on areas of hygiene in schools were the nation worries of fast transportation of Corona virus if not handled careful. The team includes Mr. Hironimus Shilima (Assessment Coordinator) who is the interim chairperson of the team, Mr. Raphael Haingura (VET Trainer in Plumbing), Mr. Phillipus Hauvinga (VET Trainer in Electrical General) and Mr. Evaristus Amalwa (VET Trainer for Bricklaying). The Liaison Officer was included in the team as he serves as the eyes and ears of RVTC.

As of now, only three schools were identified to be the first beneficiaries of the CSR for RVTC. The team is not limited to the three schools but can identify even senior citizens who are life unfortunate. The CM explained the responsibilities to the new established committee and was delighted that all members showed interest in this regard. “Those schools take our trainees at all time on job attachment, the learners from the schools will be our future trainees, some of the teacher’s children are our trainees currently. All those remain our most valuable external stakeholders. Let’s plough back to the community” said Lukas.

The members also added value on the CM’s words by acknowledging the importance of the stakeholders. They further stated that this will be good opportunity for the RPL trainees and our full time trainees to expose themselves to the real working situations. Without wasting time, the Head of the team arranged for a visit to the schools as early as this week. The school Managements of the three schools have been informed and will be waiting for the delegates patiently. This will help in the hygiene situations in most areas.

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