Trainees and staff members at RVTC continued ensuring that the Centre becomes a green paradise. Despite the national clean up campaign which declared by the Head of State back in May 2018, RVTC continued to engage into an overdrive gear to ensure that the Centre remain clean at all time. The latest clean up campaign was hosted on 19th of October 2018 where every trainee and every staff member took the rake and the black plastic bag.
“We don’t just clean when we are told to clean, it must be our responsibilities to ensure that our Centre is clean. You cant study in a dirty place. We are a training institution and we need to lead and show the nation how we want our country to be. said Centre Manager Kornelius Lukas. The trainees vowed to support the staff members to ensure that the Centre will be cleaned every Friday. Even though its set for every Friday, no littering will be tolerated any time, any day and anywhere within RVTC.

This is RVTC.

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