Rundu Vocational Training Centre convened a prayer day on the 23rd of May 2018. The Erick Tjandja Hall was packed to capacity by staff and trainees. The day was suggested by the trainee leaders (TRC) which was then blessed by the Centre Management. This was in line with the ongoing GBV and other domestic related cases. The event was under the theme: “BY RIGHT, ITS NOT RIGHT TO KILL”. RVTC Centre Manager Mr. Kornelius Lukas welcomed the invited guests but due to the importance of the event, he felt it was good to give remarks as well. “We don’t have to wait from the police to keep peace, as responsible citizens, we must contribute to the peace of our loved country” said Lukas.
For the past few months citizens have been killed at a high number in the town of Rundu. It was with this the RVTC community decided to host this event by inviting various speakers from Rundu town. The event which was opened by Father Mauriuzs of Roma Catholic st Mary parish was important for every Namibian citizen. In his remarks the Roman Father informed the gathering about the importance of life and cautioned not to let the devil to take control of our soul. The masters of the ideas in their speech set it straight that the nation is tired of these barbaric acts. “Enough is enough, we have lost a lot of lives in our country, the brutal killing of the women and children must end” said Celine Loide, the TRC vice secretary. Celine concluded with a question to everyone that “What are you doing to stop this?
The NBC Manager Mr. Kosmas Muyenga who outlined the importance of media in educating the nation in regards to GBV. “The media will not stop to educate and inform the nation regarding the consequences of this satanic act” said Muyenga. NAMPOL was not an exception to events like this. This is where the deputy commissioner Kanyetu stated the consequences of GBV. The law enforcements vowed not to leave any stone unturned and asks the help of the public to help. There are other civil servants stationed at a gender protection unit wing of NAMPOL who goes through these cases of GBV on daily basis. The social workers were invited to share and advice mostly girls and boys on the issue. Mrs. Simbaranda didn’t shy away on outlining the causes and precautions involved as she was so open to call a spade a spade. The office of the governor was also represented.
From the political arena the Deputy Mayor of Rundu town Honourable Ralph Ihemba thanked the trainees for coming up with such an idea. A decision which shows they are responsible citizens. He as well touched on issues patterning GBV. RVTC choir and culture entertained with songs related to the event. The event was closed with a massive prayer from one of the staff members of RVTC. Mr. Beey Kumpoma’s prayer touched many and everyone felt these barbaric acts are uncalled for.

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