Just like everyone in Namibia, RVTC took part in the national clean-up campaign. The Centre responded positively to the President’s call when he declared the 25th of May 2018 as a national clean-up campaign. Every corner of the town of Rundu was busy. RVTC Staffs were the first to arrive at the regional Governor’s Office exactly at 06h: 00. Among the first staff who arrived was the Centre Manager.
After the official kick off by SWAPO Secretary General Honourable Sophia Shanigwa, the RVTC staff members drove straight to the centre to join the trainees in cleaning Maria Mwengere road. More of importance for RVTC, the team was joined by the COO of NTA Mr. Richwell Lukonga who was also accompanied by Mr. Amon Haufiku from the head office as well. Mr. Lukonga was seen busy in his blue overall with a rake making sure no papers or any other rubbish was in his way. Trainees didn’t disappoint and they supported the staff members to keep Namibia clean. The Centre gave each trainee a cool drink and water to appreciate their efforts. Staff and NTA engagement continued to build a strong TVET.

It’s our country, let’s clean it.

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